“Description of the Birchwood” composition

The picture “Birch Grove” Isaak Levitan wrote four years. The main characters of the picture are white-birch birches. Long work on the picture is not accidental. The author perfectly knew with what tenderness the birch belongs to the Russian people. Our ancestors used this tree for numerous rituals. Birches were sung by poets.

The picture “Birch Grove” is flooded with bright light. The light is so realistic that it is not only light, but also warm. So you want to fall on the sunny thaw in the grass. The finest details of the grove are traced. It helps to mentally move into it and smell the grass, rustle the birches, warm in the sun, enjoy the buzzing of insects. The grove is full of life. There are no gloomy colors in it.

The birches of Levitan are as alive. It’s about to move and talk. They also enjoy the sunshine. They walk and communicate with each other. If you listen, you can overhear their conversation. Birches are not in a frozen state.

They move not only their leaves, but also as if the trunk itself is about to move. Although some birches stand one by one, they are not alone. They are looking for an interlocutor or a couple for a walk.

The picture is drawn not only the near perspective, but also distant. By the grove you want to move farther and farther. As you progress, you notice that the birches are all very different. Here is a birch tree playful, another serious, a third thoughtful. But two chatterboxes giggle loudly. A little further it is visible as one birch comforts another. How much sincerity in it. Birches are very similar to us people. There is not one identical.

The picture is breathtaking. I want to run along the grove with open embraces and hug each birch tree. I want to snuggle up to each and breathe in the smell of birch bark. I want to bend down and enjoy the smells of forest flowers. In the birch grove you want to feel the fullness of life with every cell of your body, you want to soak up smells and impressions, breathe in your chest and keep these impressions in autumn and winter, so that they warm up with their warmth, the scent of flowers, leaves.

The picture “Birch Grove” is imbued with the Russian spirit. Levitan awakens in his work such familiar feelings of the Russian people. This picture encourages to love and appreciate Russian nature. It charges with optimism and energy.

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“Description of the Birchwood” composition