Excellent person – is it good?

In our class there are two round honors: Sasha and Katya. Teachers say that they are the strength and pride of our class. Is it so? Of course, they learn very well, but in all other respects these are two completely different people.

Sasha is a good friend and is always ready to help. He knows how to explain and explain things that are not clear, which becomes strange: how do you yourself do not understand this. Sasha is a versatile person. He is well versed in music, goes to a choreographic school, studies English in depth. He is never conceited and does not boast of what he knows and knows more than others. He does not complain that to achieve good results at home he has to work hard and he almost does not have free time. But at the first opportunity, he gladly chases the ball with the guys or tells them interesting stories. Sasha is honest and brave. He was not even afraid to correct the teacher when she was mistaken, but did it very politely and correctly. The teacher was pleased that the students are so attentively following her explanation.

Katya is completely different. Study is given to her very easily, she “all grabs on the fly.” But when she is asked to help, she contemptuously wrinkles her nose and looks down on you, as if doing a great favor. She is a capricious girl and, in addition, a slander. I do not like such people, even if they know and know a lot.

I think that to study “excellent” is, of course, great, but there are not many abilities. It is necessary for a person to have many other positive qualities that make communication with him pleasant and interesting. And this does not depend on the estimates.

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Excellent person – is it good?