Summary of “Salted Vobla” Saltykov-Shchedrin

Wobblers catch, clean the insides and hang out on the string. She rejoices that she has done such a procedure with her, and now she has “no superfluous thoughts, no extra feelings, no superfluous conscience”.

The narrator is not aware of “what the dried-up vobla meant under the name of” superfluous “thoughts and feelings,” but he can not disagree that there really was a lot of superfluity in life.

The essence of this superfluous nobody yet named by name, but everyone vaguely feels, that wherever turn back – everywhere any pendant peeps out.

And every such add-on must be “either taken into account, or so it can be bypassed, so that he does not think that he is being inflated,” and this alone generates anxiety.

Having corrected himself properly, the vobla is convinced that in her nothing but milk has left, gets excited and slowly begins to “bend her line”. It becomes even more solid and trustworthy,

her thoughts appear “reasonable, feelings – no one touching, conscience – a copper pin.” Day-day vobla “is reasonable about reasonable business”.

The fact that you are going quietly will go on, that a small fish is better than a big cockroach, that you will hurry – people will mock, and so on. And most of all, the fact that the ears do not grow above the forehead.

People go sleepy, they do not know how to tackle anything, they do not make happy and do not upset, and whores calmly in their ears whispers: “Slowly, yes, there are no two deaths, one can not be avoided…”.

Catching himself in the ranks of the bureaucracy, vobla on clerical secret and on empty words insists “that no one knew anything, no one suspected anything, no one understood anything, so that everyone would walk like drunk!”. And everyone agrees with her. And without any empty words, you will not notice any traces.

Never need to say real words, because because of them, flaws look out. And you empty-voiced word take and start circling them… Then the

flaws are knocking themselves, but there is only one voblushkina true.

The vobla is also taken into the ranks of those chosen for public office, who once and for all decided: “If asked, do not ask, they should sit and receive the appropriated content.”

In the society to which the teachings of the roach are intended, there are also convinced people, but the motley people prevail, their conscience worn out to the withers, and the liberals, Westerners, populists, and socialists who have visited their lives and advocates of the ironcut. Convinced people suffer, rush, question and, instead of answering, see before them a locked door. And the motley people are happy to listen to the sobering words of dried vobla.

The headlong liberation from unnecessary thoughts, feelings and conscience touches even slanderers and misanthropists.

A simple roach, with withered milk and a weathered brain, performed such miracles of conservatism, which they did not dare to guess.

Consoles misanthropists only that it is their calls that help the vobes to successfully carry out their peace-regenerative propaganda.

The more diligently the logical consequences are derived from the Vobluskin doctrine, the more often the question arises: “And then what?”. Although the wobblers were waxed, the insides were cleaned and the brain wiped out, but in the end she had to turn from triumphant into a suspected liberal, from a well-intentioned liberal.

And one day an unheard-of crime takes place. One of the most zealous slanderers grabs a dried-up vobla under the gills, bites off her head, rips off the skin and eats everything in sight. The motley people look, clap their hands and yell: “Long live the iron mittens!”. But History looks at this story differently and secretly decides: “A year or two through the hundred I will surely squeeze all this!”.

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Summary of “Salted Vobla” Saltykov-Shchedrin