Composition “Wonderful Doctor”

In life, not everything is as smooth as sometimes you want, or think. Most often, it is more difficult. But we must live, we must somehow exist, and think about others, because more often than not, many people, beings, depend on us. That is why – the thought of death is the last one, which you can think of at all. And we must take care of those who are weaker than us. In this work, whose title is “The Wonderful Doctor”, it tells about a difficult life, and about those great people who are able to change people’s lives, only by their own presence and actions. They bring happiness, so you can not equate all people on the same bar, and this is my personal opinion.

Once, one man thought about death. His name was Mertsalov. I thought sitting on the bench, as there was nothing else for him to do. It was difficult to live, because there was no money, there was no means of subsistence. And he thought about the fact that he also needs to feed his family, which is

big, but they want to eat everything. And besides, what’s more terrible – his daughter was sick and very serious, besides. But there was no money to call a doctor, or at least buy pills, to somehow heal the daughter. Once upon a time a girl, his daughter, had already died in their family, as it was cold and very damp. All this greatly affected the health of the girl, that she, the unfortunate one, had died. They, he – the head of the family and his wife and children, lived in the basement of the house, where it was cold and uncomfortable, where it was damp and always drafty.

And now this man, the head of the family, sat and was thinking about suicide, he had nothing to do, he did not know what to do to survive, and therefore decided to die so that his torment would end. And this does not speak of the weakness of the spirit, in this case, it speaks of the despair of this man, who suffered from impotence, from the thought that he can not change anything in this life. He can not save his daughter, save the family from hunger and cold.

Mertsalov was already going to go to execute his own sentence,

when a man sat down in his crush, an elderly man in appearance. This man somehow prevented Mertsalov, and he was very angry, but then he told about his grief. This man turned out to be a doctor. He helped the family of Mertsalov, and for a long time remained in the memory of these people who were on the edge of their destiny.

This work shows that not everything is lost in this world. Still, there are people who are capable of good and sincere, and, what is very important, unselfish business in our world, which seems cold and uncomfortable at times.

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Composition “Wonderful Doctor”