Composition of the sea

A very picturesque work about the sea immerses the reader’s imagination in the abyss of the depths of the sea, where before his eyes are opened untold treasures of the sea bowels. The richest flora and fauna of the sea allows not only mentally to embrace, but also to feel the greatness of the world ocean occupying two-thirds of the entire globe.

I was born and grew up in a small fishing village on the sea coast. Every morning I woke up from the uneven voices of the seagulls, shouting over the foamy waves of the sea. They circled low over the blue-green water, looking out for the brilliant backs of small fishes.

The sea always attracted me with some inexplicably mysterious color of its uncharted depths. He was fascinated by the ever-changing gamut of emerald-malachite shades, in which were intertwined azure and turquoise halftones. The sea was often quiet and serene, barely worrying under the light, elegant breeze. At such times a horizon line clearly separating the

blue of the waters and the heavens.

Far off white ships, proudly floating along the sea water, smoked high pipes and signaled long beeps. And then they suddenly dissolve somewhere beyond the edge of the sea. Only white clouds of smoke continued to float across the sky for a long time, driven by a mischievous wind.

Unexpected storms disturbed the depths of the waters, which rose to their full height, raging and twisting into huge spirals. The storm wave swallowed everything in its path and ran eerily to the shore, bringing down on it the strength of its fury and power. The gray-lilac sky merged for a long time with the dark sea abyss into a single uncontrollable element.

Gradually the storm died down, and the exhausted wave with a tender kitten rubbed against a rough, full of seashells and small pebbles, sand. Ragged shreds of clouds, grumbling crawled out of the horizon, giving the sky into the possession of the sun. Above the turquoise serene waves, white-winged seagulls reappeared.

The sea is a wonderful world of uncharted miracles. incredible inhabitants and a full celebration of life.

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Composition of the sea