“Feedback about your favorite book”

I read a fascinating book by the Russian writer Sergei Lukyanenko. This is a modern author who composes fantastic stories, novels and novels. In this book, which is a collection of short stories and stories, my favorite work was the story “The Door to Darkness.” I defined its genre as “fantasy”.

The story is intended for teenagers and young people, so its protagonist Danka is also a teenager. In the course of the book, he turns fourteen.

The most usual, unremarkable boy, he lives with a strict mother, goes to school and walk into the yard. Danka dreams of becoming an adult. But in one night everything changes – after the amazing animal, the Sunny kitten, the boy gets into another world. Then he already has to grow up, because there is no other way out.

It turns out that the worlds are an uncountable number, and there are doors between them. All would be nothing, but in the world where Danka gets, there is no sunlight. Once people sold their light to get different beautiful things. Now in the world there is a war between people and creatures of darkness – Flying.

In the course of adventure, Danke has to look at things differently, which he considered normal at home. Minor worries and problems retreat where life is in danger.

To return home, Danke has to act, protect others, recognize himself. He finds a real friend, meets his first woman, turns out face to face with his real fear. There are also many funny moments in the book: for example, the one where the Sunny kitten showed tricks in a tavern. He talked, glowed, only to eat for free.

In the “Door to the Dark” is often found the word “real”: A true friend. Real fear, real light. They are even written with a capital letter. Since the stories describe real feelings, problems, then I was interested in reading it.

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“Feedback about your favorite book”