Composition “Science”

What would humanity be like if science did not appear once? Probably, we would not be too different from animals. It seems to me that science has become a salvation for man, as a species. We do not have sharp fangs protecting the wool from cold and our stomachs are not able to digest grass. And this means that the only way to survive is to come up with something that will protect against the cold, hunger and attacks of predators. Most likely, the science was born.

Throughout its existence, mankind faces many challenges. This is not only a famine and wars, but also the need to develop new territories, mining, and much more. And each of us solves for the day thousands of small tasks, for example, buying food in a store, counting how much money it takes to travel somewhere. We do not think about this, but every minute we use the achievements of science. Mathematics helps in calculations, chemistry has created cleaners for us, physics has given impetus to the emergence of cellular

communications. And so it is possible to continue indefinitely, because everything that surrounds us is created by science.

What is science? It seems to me that science is a person’s desire to know everything, create something new on the basis of knowledge, make life better for himself and others. And each of us has the opportunity to contribute to science. We receive knowledge from parents, schools, institutes, and we constantly apply everything in practice. Someone will become a scientist and will set up experiments, trying to invent something that will benefit. And someone will create tools for these experiences, take care of people’s health, educate children, provide order in the streets and much more. Each of us is important for the development of science.

Of course, not all achievements of science are beneficial to humanity. For example, it is hardly worthwhile to invent an atomic bomb or to develop bacteriological weapons. But the problem is not in science itself, but in how much decent people are engaged in it and control the latest achievements. Each of us must understand that by receiving scientific knowledge, we must use them only for good.

Science is what made us human, which gives us the opportunity to constantly develop. And it does not matter if we become candidates for the Nobel Prize or dedicate our lives to raising children, we will work in the office. Whatever we choose, we will need scientific knowledge and achievements everywhere.

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Composition “Science”