Letter to Mom

“Mother is such a simple word of four letters, so small and so loud.” Mom is the first word, the main word. “Mom is when it’s blizzard or dark, and you’re not afraid and warm to your mother. when you are far away, Mom can be written endlessly. “Mom is a symbol of love, care, warmth that remains even when you are an adult.” This is an inexhaustible source of something immense. “

“Dear Mummy, I want to express my endless love, Your tender hands caress and warm me on cold winter evenings. Your kind heart forgives me Your gentle look comforts me I always remember that at any difficult moment I can find support from you. my mother, I do not have enough words to express all my feelings that I feel for you. You are the most important person in my life! “

“Every child has a family, of course, he loves my mother most of all, I love you very much, Mom, I am grateful to you for giving me your life.” You are very

wise, kind, beautiful, sometimes I resent you when you I forbid something, but then I understand that you were right. In this wonderful holiday I want to give you a poem.

I’ll give flowers to my beloved mother.

How much warmth and affection in them, how much kindness.

I’ll look into her eyes tenderly

I hug my hug, I’ll whisper softly:

Most of all in the world I love you! “

“Dear mother, I congratulate you on the holiday. For me you, Mom, the closest person, I love her for her kindness and tenderness. Mother is my best friend and support in a difficult moment. The heart of my mother is huge. I want her always to be with us. “

“Let the flowers surround the beautiful

And the sun shines affably

For you, the most gentle and affectionate,

The most glorious and sweetest in the world!

May good luck be smiling at you,

Life is full of joy, happiness.

And desires are all fulfilled

And all the bad weather will pass you by! “

“My mother is the most kind, gentle, beautiful.

I love you very much. There is no such person in the world that he does not love his mother. Mom has the kindest heart and gentle hands. I want to wish you health, happiness, success in life. Congratulations on the holiday Mom! “

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Letter to Mom