Composition about Ukraine

Each person has one Motherland. This is the place on his large territory, where he was born, grew up, which often touched his feet. My Motherland is Ukraine. I am happy that I was born and live in the Country. I love her for boundless, beautiful, vast spaces. Go out into the field – and you’ll admire the fields of high rye, which is like two tall walls. Come in with him – and you will hide his spikelets. Only the blue sky is your sign. Caresses the soul of such beauty. It seems that eternity would go by this path, if only it was not running out.

And the architecture of Ukrainian cities! Kiev, Kharkiv, Lviv. It shows the high level of culture of our ancestors.

Who did not admire Sophia Kiev and Golden Gate of the princely city, Vydubitsky monastery and Kiev-Pechersk Lavra with the Assumption Cathedral, the ancient Podol Borisfen-Dnipro? All these are spiritual symbols of national history and culture, without which our land is not conceived. For fifteen hundred years, the Golden-domed Kyiv has risen on the Dnieper slopes, to which the historical mission to become the “mother of the cities of Russians” fell, to play an important role in the formation of one of the greatest states of Europe in Kievan Rus.

Viewing from the height of the Kiev hills distant spaces outside the Dnieper,

Involuntarily you think: where did we go whose children we are from? I want to know who lived

On our lands several thousand years ago and what language our ancestors communicated, what origin the word “Ukraine” was.

Examining with high native land, you are captured by its beauty and grandeur. What a breadth! What a space! In the west there are green Carpathian tori, in the south a golden sea of ​​gold is blazing, in the east are the heaps of Donets mines, in the north red fox calf. And all this is my Motherland – Ukraine.

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Composition about Ukraine