Composition “Voice of Conscience”

Initially, everyone has a conscience, but due to education, the influence of the environment and other external factors, some people stop hearing her voice or simply learn not to respond to his calls. That’s why there is so much dirt and evil around. If some world leaders listened to the voice of conscience at least once, there would not be so many wars in the world, and millions of people would live in harmony.

The subject of conscience is often raised in literature. For example, the novel “The Master and Margarita” vividly describes the conscience of the Roman procurator Pontius Pilate after he gave the order to execute Yeshua. Yes, he was to some extent forced to do this by the demands of the high priests, but there is always a choice. This faint-hearted act did not bother him even after his death, until Jeshua himself came and freed Pilate.

But one of the heroes of the “Captain’s Daughter” captain Mironov knew exactly what honor and conscience. Knowing that this threatened him with death, he publicly refused to join the captors of Pugachev who had captured the fortress and accused him of being a bandit and an impostor. The captain was executed, but he showed a good example of honesty and loyalty to the oath.

I live with my conscience in harmony and always try to listen to it. My mother taught me from the very childhood that conscience and honor are the main virtues of a person. Foul them once, then you can not wash your whole life.

Conscience is our guide in life, it does not allow us to climb into the jungle of lies, dishonor, filth and betrayal. It keeps our soul clean. If everyone listened to their conscience, the world would become much better and kinder.

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Composition “Voice of Conscience”