Summary “Microscope” of Shukshin

Summary “Microscope” of Shukshin

Andrei Erin, a carpenter of a small workshop, decided. Arriving home, he tells his wife Zoya that he lost money – one hundred and twenty rubles, for which it was planned to buy jackets for children. Having received such unpleasant news, his wife grabs a skillet and starts to fight and swear with her husband. He staunchly reflects the blows of the pillow.

The confrontation ends when a woman hits the spouse on the head. Blagovernaya says that money should be worked out, even if he, Andrei, has to work in two shifts and go to work on foot. The spouse utters that he already met with the master for one and a half shifts, but gets out of this situation, saying that as soon as he noticed the loss of money – he returned to the workshop.

A week the wife is angry with Erin,

he is angry, but he does not dare to call himself names. When the wife finally calms down, he decides – it’s time!

One evening he brings home a microscope, announcing that he was given him for a shock job. Andrei and his son are immediately accepted to examine microbes, but Zoya can not see them.

The life of Andrei Erin is changing – the carpenter now regularly looks at the microscope for germs. He discovers that they are everywhere, and even inside Andrew himself, in the blood. Erin is determined to fight them. To pinch microbes on a thin wire it is impossible, and the joiner decides to battle with them by means of an electric current. Plans “fighter with germs” prevents the guest – Sergei Kulikov, who works with Yerin. Sergei asks his colleague to show him the germs, which he receives refusal. Kulikov said flattering words: “a monument of gold otloyem,” “the whole world glorify.”

Zoe is pleased to hear that her husband is spoken of as a scientist. She habitually begins to grumble: “could not, what else to award – a vacuum cleaner of some kind.” Sergei Kulikov does not understand what the woman is talking about. It turns out that no prize was given at work. His wife understands that the microscope was not given “for the shock work,” and Andrew was bought by the “lost” one hundred and twenty rubles. Andrew takes Sergei out of the hut and sleeps at his house. Returning in the morning to her, Erin finds out that the wife took the microscope to the commission, tells her son that he never drank, and goes to sleep.

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Summary “Microscope” of Shukshin