Composition “Steppe firewood pricks”

Composition “Steppe firewood pricks”

“Yesterday I broke all the firewood in half an hour,” said Stepan once.
“When did you learn?” we ask.
“I’ve been able for a long time,” he replies.
“Then show me, and we’ll see how it works out for you…”

Styopka did not lose his head and decided to show his friends what he was capable of. After all, as they say, who does not fear work, then she also argues. Stepa, of course, did not know how to chop firewood, but because he was a terrible braggart, he could not do it. Otherwise, his friends will laugh at him, call him a coward or a deceiver.

Styopka picked up an ax with unskilled hands, which seemed too heavy to him. Earlier, looking at his father from the side, the boy thought that chopping wood – a matter of extraordinary. But now, having tried it on himself, he realized that this requires a lot of experience, skill and dexterity. All these thoughts swept through the boy’s head in an instant. Then Stepan put a log in front of him, which he intended to split. The boy made a lot of efforts to raise this ax, but it seems too much effort: the ax suddenly turned sharply toward the boy and hit him with his backside. All this happened so quickly that Stepka lost consciousness for a second. But Stepkin’s friends immediately realized and rushed to the aid of a friend. Fortunately, the boy quickly regained consciousness. True,

So, Stepkina self-confidence, ultimately, let him down, friends, of course, did not take offense at him, much less laugh at the boy. Sometimes you need to admit your mistakes, otherwise you can be in an extremely embarrassing situation! Folk wisdom says: whoever boasts – he will fall from the mountain.

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Composition “Steppe firewood pricks”