Composition “Profession of the military”

Every boy in his childhood dreams of being the protector of his family and friends. Stand on the guard of the borders of the native land is inherent in every patriot of his Fatherland. However, when deciding on the choice of a profession, it is necessary to remember the difficulties that military service brings. An officer, an ensign, a sergeant or a private soldier does not belong to himself. At any time, the Motherland can give the order to go from the most distant point of the world for an indefinite period. There may not be normal living conditions. There can be a real danger to life and health.

Undoubtedly every young man who is preparing to serve in the army or planning to enter a higher military educational institution, sees himself in the future as an experienced warrior with many awards. However, not all the fates of the military are developing successfully: some are taken prisoner, injured and even disabled, many are tragically killed in the course of combat missions.

To all this you need to be ready. Temporal difficulties are nothing compared to the enamored eyes of women and children during the Victory Day parade, when the civilian population looks at their defenders with tender emotion.


Severe discipline and Spartan conditions will allow to form a solid character. It is necessary to develop from time to age punctuality and respect for elders, if I decided to devote my life to military service.

The Russian army is by right considered one of the most brave and combat-ready armed formations in the world. Many branches of the armed forces have no equal in terms of training and volumes of already accomplished complex tasks in extreme conditions.

The army is a united family

The army for me is a friendly family, where you can get advice and help at first, and then respect and honor.

When entering the military service, a person sacrifices some of his rights: the right to choose his place of residence, the right to dispose of his own time and destiny. In return, he receives some social guarantees. You can graduate from a relatively

young age, receive pension payments from the state, travel or start your own business. Although they choose the way of a soldier not because they want to get an apartment from the country, money or orders and medals.

Defense of the Motherland – that’s why I want to become a military

Just someone has to defend the Motherland. And it is better than no one will do it for the son of his Motherland. That’s why I decided to choose a soldier’s profession.

24-hour drill and anecdotal situations are in the past. The modern army needs intelligent young people with a flexible mind and a deep understanding of high-tech systems. Observing the traditions of the previous generations, modern fighters are mastering new types of weapons that have no analogues in the world.

Greatest honor

Special Operations Forces, aerospace forces, missile forces, submarine fleet of the Russian Federation are the pride of the armed forces and the navy of the country, with which all countries on the globe are considered. To become a part of this well-coordinated machine, to be ready to defend the interests of the state is the greatest honor for every Russian.

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Composition “Profession of the military”