The racial makeup of the North American population

The modern racial composition of the population of North America was formed after the colonization of the continent by Europeans. It is in many respects similar to the racial makeup of South America.

Prior to the colonization of the continent, North America was inhabited by numerous tribes that came from Northeast Asia on the ice of the Bering Strait about 27-15 thousand years ago. They belonged to the Mongoloid race. In most parts of North America, several hundred different peoples lived, which the natives of Europe called the Indians in one word. Indians of the north lived in wigwams, which were a frame of poles covered with skins, branches or foliage. In the south, stone and clay dwellings were built. The highest level of development was achieved by the Aztec and Maya tribes, who created agricultural states in the territory of present-day Mexico and the Yucatan peninsula. Maya, before the other peoples of the New World, created a hieroglyphic script, made books from the bark

of trees or suede, introduced a calendar and money in the form of cocoa beans.

European colonizers destroyed the unique culture of the American Indians, and they themselves were forcibly resettled in reservations.

In the north of the mainland there live other representatives of the Mongoloid race, the Eskimos. They are engaged in fishing and hunting. The Eskimos build their own needle from the icy bricks. From the snow make and furniture: a table and a couch, which is covered with animal skins.

The colonization of North America by Europeans began in the late fifteenth century. The south of the mainland and most of the islands of the Caribbean Sea were captured by the Spaniards, the north by the English and the French. This determines the modern state languages ​​of the continent. So, in Mexico and the countries of the isthmus the Spanish language prevails, in the USA – English, in Canada – English and French. In the XVI-XVII centuries. in the population of North America appeared a third race – Negroid. Here, as in South America, Europeans from Africa imported black slaves to work on plantations of coffee and sugar cane. For a long period of cohabitation in America, the representatives of the three main human races mixed up. So there were mestizos, mulattoes, sambo. In the United States, the number of black African-Americans is skyrocketing.

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The racial makeup of the North American population