Composition on the theme “Today’s Day”

What is it, today? How rarely do we think about this question, waking up in the morning or leaving the house. If we accept that day is a small life, then we will be more careful and reverent towards each day.

Any day is a component of our life. And whatever the weather or the time of the year we were expecting, we must appreciate and rejoice in every day. Nature is beautiful in any day. Whether it’s rain, snow, snowstorm or a quiet, warm summer evening. Going on their own business, one must always notice the subtleties of the nature that surrounds us. Whether it’s yellowed leaves or bloated buds on trees and bushes. Whether it’s puddles from the last rain or drops of dew on the grass.

The air we breathe is also a component of our environment. And we should breathe it in full, enjoying this process. Paying attention to the surrounding nature from day to day, each person will become richer, more soulful, happier and more balanced.

Nature accompanies us every day. And we must respond with gratitude to her the same. Do not tear loose flowers, do not break branches, do not throw garbage anywhere. If every person on Earth ponders this, life will be much better!

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Composition on the theme “Today’s Day”