Composition on the topic if I was an adult

Childhood is the most beautiful time in our life. Now, when I’m already in the third grade, I think, but how I would like to return to the kindergarten, where there are no lessons, no homework. After all, we are in a hurry to our life, so that it goes faster, and in fact to return – nothing can be done, everything has its time. Why am I doing this? And to the fact that now I have to immediately get up an adult, and write what I would like if I were an adult… ….

Adults always have no time. home, work, family, making money for the family, a little rest sometimes, and in the evenings a TV and a computer. I would like to talk about computers.

Computers are everywhere and everywhere. All of course, yes, only not at all, not everyone can now afford them. I would buy it for all schools and give it to everyone, free of charge, so that every student can use it at school. that in each class there were interactive boards, on them lessons are so interesting. And I would raise the salaries of all teachers. How difficult it is to work with us now. We must prepare very carefully for the lessons, for the same interactive boards.

And of course, I want the lessons to be a bit shorter, and the changes were more authentic, but this is impossible because of two shifts in schools. I would build many schools so that children do not learn in the second shift and do not come home late, like my brothers.

Now they talk a lot about charity. People forgot how to feel compassion for each other and much around evil. I would open special places where adults or children would start up and explain to them how to live and how to act in certain cases and how not to do it.

And in conclusion I want to say about the most important thing, that there should be peace in the whole world, that nowhere there are wars, that nowhere are children killed, that all children become adults… … ….

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Composition on the topic if I was an adult