The writing of nature in summer

Summer is my favorite season of the year. Not because the longest holidays start, but because it’s warm. In the summer there are so many opportunities to relax somewhere or take a walk. In the summer I really like to swim and sunbathe. In the summer I like to ride a bicycle, play various sports games: football, volleyball. When I had free time, I wanted in my personal diary to write an essay on the theme of summer.

In summer, the longest days of the year. And in the north in the summer in such a city, for example, as Peter can see the white nights. I want to go to St. Petersburg and enjoy this summer phenomenon. In the summer a very beautiful nature. Especially, sunsets on the coast of the warm sea, which you can admire for a long time. Watching how the sky at sunset turns from blue-yellow to orange and at the end in red, and then, like the sun slowly hides over the horizon.

In the summer, I like to go to the sea with my parents, where you can swim in warm water,

sunbathe in the sun, play volleyball, football, ride a roller coaster and have fun. In the summer I like to go to the forest or to the landing, where everything around is green and to admire the beauty of nature. My younger brother was asked to write an essay on the subject of summer, and I decided to help him.

Composition on the theme of how I spent the summer

Summer is a warm season and I want to spend it as interesting as possible. So that enough impressions for the whole year. In June I went to rest in the camp on the sea coast and wanted to tell you how I spent the summer this year. The camp was called the Aztec. The detachment was large, about 50 people. I rested for 12 days. Every day was planned. We had four counselors. The ascent was at 8 o’clock in the morning. After that we went to the dining room, where a glass of juice was prepared for us. After that, at 8:30, all our 10 units had morning exercises. Before charging, we ran a warm-up circle. Then we went to our corps where we gathered, cleaned around the premises and for 10 hours we all went for breakfast.

After breakfast we went to

the sea, where we bathed, played volleyball, football, sunbathing. At 13:00 we walked into the building, where we changed clothes and at 13:30 went to lunch. After that at 14:00 we had a quiet hour until 16:00. Then we went to a snack in the dining room, where we were given juice, milk with various rolls. After that we went to the sports ground and played football, volleyball and organized various sports competitions.

At 19:00 we had lunch, and after dinner we had discos on different days, watched cartoons, there were various performances prepared by each detachment in the assembly hall. In addition to all this we had a lot of interesting things: we changed into Indians and walked around the green territory of the camp, went to the cinema, participated in football competitions between the detachments. We had different circles and many other things. I really enjoyed it, and I want to go to camp again next year. After coming home, I told many people how I spent the summer this year.

Nature in summer is indescribably beautiful. I like to walk in the parks and squares in the summer. Somewhere to sit on a bench and to enjoy the beauty of the trees dressed in their summer green outfit. Listen to chirping birds.
Most of all I like to spend the weekend with my parents to go out of town to the forest or to the river where you can enjoy all the colors of the summer. At the beginning of summer, various wild flowers bloom in the glades of the forest with all the colors of the rainbow. I like to collect these flowers together with my mother in a large multicolored bouquet. On flowers, which grow on glades sit butterflies and bees.

In summer it can be very hot. The thermometer sometimes shows a temperature of over 40 degrees. On these days, I want to see the summer run out and cool. I noticed that at the beginning of summer the leaves on the trees are light green, in the middle of summer they are dark green, and at the end of summer they lose their saturated green color and begin to turn yellow and brown, which indicates the arrival of autumn.

Especially nature changes in summer, when after long hot days it begins to rain. I especially like the blind rain, when the sun is shining and it’s raining – it’s a very beautiful and interesting natural phenomenon.
It happens in the summer only that the sun was shining, it was hot and nothing foreshadowed bad weather. As suddenly appeared dark clouds, a strong wind blew out, which began to lift a strong dust from the ground, there was a thunder with lightning, and after a few minutes a shower followed. People who did not have time to hide under cover were literally in a few minutes becoming so wet, as if only that they had come out of the water. A few minutes after the rain began, along the roads and sidewalks, water flowed in large streams creating large puddles in the lowlands. But an hour later the rain ended, and through the gap in the clouds appeared the sun. After a while the sky almost became clean, and only a wet earth with large puddles reminded me that it had been raining recently. Nature in summer is very beautiful and diverse.

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The writing of nature in summer