Composition on the theme of the Great Patriotic War

June 22, 1941, our country was attacked by the Germans. The Great Patriotic War began. Since that day, there has not been a single house, not a single family, who would have been avoided by a great misfortune. Sons, brothers, fathers and grandfathers went to the front. Many of them were not destined to return, many were injured, but even those who returned alive and healthy forever remembered the blood of their fellow soldiers.

During the years of hard testing our people have endured everything. Women and children tried to help the soldiers, working in different factories and manufacturing the details for the machinery, then the dishes, then other necessary things. Work lasted without stopping, Soviet people stood at the bench for 12 or even 14 hours, and each sought to contribute to the victory.

At the hour of despair, our people kept together, even the dogs rescued the wounded soldiers! The nurses were ready to lie under the bullets themselves, only to have time to save the wounded. But, unfortunately, the strength of the fascists was too fierce. In the battles millions were killed, a huge number of people were taken prisoner, many were shot there. History remembers the famine of Leningrad, occupied by the Germans for almost 3 years. It seemed that we would not defeat the enemy, and no one would ever find out that there were such people on earth as Russians.

But we won this war, and could not be otherwise. After all, our people did not want this blood, did not crave war, did not seek to kill. We defended our Motherland, our loved ones, our homes and green forests, our warm rivers. That is why we won: we had love behind our shoulders, and a fascist soldier with blind hatred. And the greatness of that war lies in the fact that the Soviet man fought for life while others wanted innocent deaths.

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Composition on the theme of the Great Patriotic War