“House” Abramov in summary

“House” Abramov in summary

Mikhail Pryaslin came from Moscow, he visited Tatiana’s sister there. As in communism I visited. The dacha is two-story, the apartment has five rooms, a car… Arrived – and he began to wait for guests from the city, the brothers Peter and Gregory. I showed them my new house: polished sideboard, sofa, tulle curtains, carpet. Workshop, cellar, bath. But they paid little attention to all this, and it is clear why: in the head, dear sister Lizaveta sat down. Michael refused from his sister after she gave birth to twins. I could not forgive her that after the death of her son, very little time had passed.

For Lisa, there are no guests more welcome than brothers. We sat at the table and went to the cemetery: to visit my mother, Vasya, Stepan Andreyanovich. There, Grigory

had a seizure. And although Liza knew that he was falling, but still her brother’s state frightened her. And Peter’s behavior also alarmed him. What do they do? Fyodor does not get out of prison, Mikhail and Tatyana do not recognize her, but it turns out that Peter and Grigory still have a problem.

Liza told the brothers, and they themselves saw that the people in Pekashino had become another. Previously, I worked until I fell. And now the work was done – to the hut. The state farm is full of peasants, full of all kinds of equipment – but things do not go well.

For the farmers – that’s the time! – allowed the sale of milk. In the morning and hour, and two behind him stand. But there is no milk, and they are not hurrying to work. After all, the cow is katorga. The present will not bother with it. The same Victor Netesov wants to live in a city way. Michael decided to reproach him: the father, they say, he used to be killed for the common cause. “At the same time, Valya and his mother were killed,” Victor answered, “and I do not want to arrange graves for my family, but life.”

During the days of Peter’s vacation, the sister’s house came and went. If I did not know Stepan Andreyevich, I would say that he set his hero. And Peter decided to rebuild

the old house of Pryslas. And Grigory became a nanny to Lizin twins, because Lisa Taborsky, the manager himself, put on a cow-house behind a swamp. I went to the calf-house – to meet the bus. And the first to jump off his footboard… Egorsha, from which twenty years there was not a rumor or spirit.

To the friends of Yegorsha he told: he has visited everywhere, all the way across Siberia he has traveled and every woman has touched – not to count. The deceased grandfather Evsei Moshkin to him and say: “You did not ruin the girls, Egorii, but yourself.” The earth rests on such people as Mikhail and Lizaveta Pryaslin! “

“Oh, yes,” Yegorsha flared up, “Well, let’s see how these very ones, on which the earth holds, will crawl at my feet.” And he sold the house to Paha-fish supervision. And in the court of Yegorsha, on his grandson Stepan Andreyevich, Lisa did not want to give. What laws – and she lives by the laws of her conscience. At first, Mikhail Taborsky liked the manager so much, as rarely any of the bosses – business. He found it out when they began to sow corn. The “queen of the fields” did not grow in Pekashino, and Mikhail said: sow without me. Taborsky tried to reason with him: it’s all the same, why are you being paid at the highest tariff? Since that time, they went to war with Taborsky. Because she was catching Taborsky, but adroit, not catch.

And then the peasants at work reported the news: Victor Netesov and the agronomist wrote a statement to Taborsky in the region. And the superiors arrived – the manager to scratch. Pryaslin now looked at Victor with tenderness: he revived the faith in man in him. After all, he thought that people in Pekashino now only think that they should make money, fill the house with cupboards, put children in a house and crush the bottle. We waited a week for what would happen. And finally, they found out: Taborsky was removed. And the new manager was appointed… Victor Netesov. Well, this order will be, not in vain it was nicknamed by the German. A car, not a man.

Paha-fish supervision, meanwhile, cut the house of Stavrov and took away half. Egorsha approached the village, threw back his eyes to the familiar larch – and in the sky the ugly creature stood out, the rest of the grandfather at home with fresh white ends. Only the horse from the roof did not take Paha. And Lisa caught fire to put him on the former Pryaslinskaya, Peter repaired the hut.

When Mikhail found out that Liza had been crushed by a log and was taken to a district hospital, she immediately rushed there. He blamed himself for everything: he did not save Lisa or his brothers. He walked and suddenly remembered the day when his father left for the war.

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“House” Abramov in summary