My favorite writer is Kir Bulychev

My favorite writer is Kir Bulychev. This is not a real name, but a pseudonym. In fact, the writer’s name is Igor Vsevolodovich Mozheiko, but I learned about this quite recently. But with the books of Kira Bulychev I met in early childhood, when I was given one of his books for his birthday.

That first book was a collection of fantastic stories. There was a story about Alice Selezneva, a girl from the future, and the glorious city of Great Guslyar. Both of the stories I liked very much, although I only sufficiently understood the story about Alice, and the second story proved to be too tough for me.

The adventures of Alice in space and on Earth grabbed me. They were so fascinating, and the characters were so wonderful and eccentric that I just “swallowed” the book and soon began to demand that I buy another book about the adventures of Alice. So my hobby for creativity of Kira Bulychev has begun and continues till now.

Now I have become more mature

and I know more about the work of this writer. Kir Bulychev has become a famous writer since the mid-1960s. Now millions of grateful readers know it. But, in addition, Igor Mozheiko is known to his colleagues as a doctor of historical sciences, an employee of the Institute of Oriental Studies, the author of scientific articles and books.

Most of all the fame was brought to the writer of his book about Alice Selezneva, about the cosmic medicine Pavlysh and about the glorious city

The Great Guslar. These books were published in million copies and became bestsellers.

I especially like the adventures of Alice, which occur in the near future, where sometimes “muddy water” ridiculous scoundrels – space pirates, rusty old-age military robots and other creatures. The novels were written without annoying edification, with humor. I have always loved them and will never stop loving.

The works of Kira Bulychev are designed for the general public – these are adventures with shooting, romantic love and eastern mysteries.

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My favorite writer is Kir Bulychev