“Man is part of nature” composition

The narrative essay on man and nature explains to the reader the simple rules of the relationship between people and the outside world that surrounds them. Only a sincere love for nature, respect for its bosom and gifts, compassion for the destitute animals and a reverent attitude to the plant world can lead us to a mutual, harmonious coexistence.

Everyone knows that man is an integral part of nature. Everything that happens around us is the consequences of the activities of human hands. If we want to live in harmony with the animal and vegetable world, we must take care of the gifts of nature. The world around us is full of miracles and mysteries, which we have to disclose our whole life.

Look narrowly at a thin blade of grass, swaying in the wind. Catch the fragrance of a humble field flower. Touch the ripe fruit in the garden outside the window. Squint against the bright sunbeam. Feed the homeless kitten. Tie a broken branch. Look around and rejoice in the beauty that

surrounds you to become truly happy.

Nature generously shares with each of us her priceless gifts. In return, we must show respect to it and surround it with care. If we do not appreciate the beauty of the surrounding world, then one day it will dry up, leaving behind an unfit land. No more ripe berries, juicy fruits and vegetables. Do not zakolosyatsya fields, and we will not have fresh bread and delicious baking. The deep rivers will dry up, and we will perish from thirst.

Great is the power of nature, but without the help of man it can not cope with a civilization that takes away its living space. The necessary technological progress, which facilitated the existence of people, today threatens a global catastrophe to the whole world. Tired of the destructive power of unnecessary inventions, the planet Earth asks us for help, appealing to the common sense of its inhabitants.

Today, more than ever, we must become one with our common home. Inseparable people and nature will overcome all hardships and by common efforts will achieve on the native planet of the triumph of good and justice.

In my

childhood I often went fishing with my father. We went to the forest for mushrooms and berries, for hikes. There was some kind of unity with nature. Now we live in big cities and nature to pay attention already so it is not possible, however, unity with nature remains one of the most important priorities in human life.

Wrote with his son an essay on nature, your version inspired us to an excellent story about a trip to the country forest. Soon we are going with my son to the nature, I prepared myself, I learned how different plants and trees are called. We will expand our horizons. Perhaps we will even make crafts from roots and twigs. We will clear a spring.

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“Man is part of nature” composition