Biography Miles Jovovich

Biography Miles Jovovich

American actress with Ukrainian roots, model and singer Mila Jovovich is best known as a zombie hunter in a series of films “Resident Evil”.

Early years and career

Mila Jovovich was born on December 17, 1975 in the city of Kiev, Ukraine. Her parents – Bogdan Jovovich, a doctor from Montenegro, and Galina Loginova Jovovich, a Russian actress, they all moved to Sacramento, California, when Jovovich was 5 years old. She studied at the Excelsior School in Los Angeles.

Jovovich began her modeling career at a fairly young age. One of her earliest appearances was in the advertising company Revlon, which was filmed by the legendary photographer Richard Averdon. And at the age of 11 she first appeared on the cover of the fashionable Italian magazine Lei.


thereafter, Jovovich pursued a career in film. She received her first major role when she was 15 years old, in the movie “Return to the Blue Lagoon.” She also played small, but memorable roles. For example, in the movie “Chaplin” she is the young bride of Charlie Chaplin, and in the movie “Under the buzz and in confusion” the actress turns into a hippie guitarist.

The most striking moments of career

After a short break in acting, Jovovich had a breakthrough after participating in the science fiction film “The Fifth Element” directed by Luc Besson. Jovovich played along with Bruce Willis and Gary Oldman the role of Leela, a girl with orange hair, born as a result of genetic engineering, she had supernatural powers and wore frank clothes. Mila again worked together with Besson in the historical drama “Jeanne d’Arc”, and also played other roles in such films as “His Game,” directed by Spike Lee, in the thriller in the style of the art house “The Hotel” Million Dollars, “directed by Wim Wenders, and Ben Stiller’s comedy “Exemplary Male.”

Jovovich is the main character in the series of science fiction films “Resident Evil”, based on the popular Japanese computer game. Its director

was Paul William Scott Anderson. In the futuristic world of “Resident Evil”, a virus has leaked, which turned its victims into carnivorous monsters. Jovovich plays a military agent named Alice, she is engaged in a fierce war with the zombies and with the corporation Umbrella. The struggle for the survival of her heroine goes on for four subsequent films released in 2004, 2007, 2010 and 2012.

Although Jovovich was remembered by the audience as the heroine of the militants, she also starred in dramatic films: “The Perfect Escape,” “Stone.”

Meanwhile, she continues her career as a model, being an advertising face of the world’s cosmetic brand L’Oreal since 1998, and also working in several other major design studios, including Calvin Klein, Donna Karan and Ann Taylor.

Other projects

Jovovich long combined her acting career and model career with other interests. As a singer and songwriter, she released her debut album “The Divine Comedy” when she was 18 years old, then continued to release her recordings on the Internet. In 2003-2008, she collaborated with Carmen Hawke for the design of the women’s fashion line Jovovich-Hawk, which was well received in the fashion world. She is also an active participant in several charitable groups, including the AIDS Research Foundation and the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation.

Personal life

Jovovich was married three times. Her first marriage was with actor Sean Andrews in 1992, which only two months later broke up. In 1997, she married director Luc Besson, but in 1999 the couple broke up. In 2009, Jovovich married to Paul William Scott Andersen, director of the film series “Resident Evil.” She and Andersen have one child, the daughter of Eva Gabo Andersen.


In cinema, I have an approach like a business lady. I intend to shoot more action films, because besides Angelina Jolie, no other actress stands out in this genre.

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Biography Miles Jovovich