Composition on the theme “Music in our life”

In Greek, the word “music” means “art of the muses”. Music is one of the arts. It is quite natural that music, like other kinds of art, has its own language. For example, painting speaks to us with the help of colors, literature with the help of an artistic and poetic word, and music – with the help of the magic sounds of a wide variety of instruments.

Each of us is immersed in the world of music from childhood. Music has a huge impact on a person. Even a very small child, who has not yet learned to speak, perceives music very sensitively. From some melody he can cry, from some – fall asleep, and from some kind of a kid can get up. At the same time, with the help of music, almost any mood can be expressed.

Music is closely connected with other kinds of art – with literature, fine arts, sculpture and painting. For example, looking at the paintings of outstanding artists and looking at them intently, you can imagine what kind of melody

will suit for a particular picture. As they say at the same time – the visual image turns into a musical image.

As for literature, here a lot of poetic works were written specially for composers to translate them to music later. In addition, in our and foreign literature, you can find many works dedicated to music and musicians. This is just a small part of the examples of how music influences other arts.

Music is an integral part of every person’s life. Music is able to convey the character and mood of a person, express his feelings and thoughts, without words, talk about an event, to embody everything that is connected with a person. Music influences a person’s life, and life, in turn, generates music. Music can bring up nobility in a person, strengthen his will power and change his attitude to life. Under the influence of music, a person can be charged with energy, and may lose his last strength. Good music can share with a person joy and sorrow, make a man kinder, better, can become an ornament of life.

Music stores many mysteries and mysteries. In this case, each person perceives

the same musical work in their own way. Each of us chooses the most suitable and understandable works, each of us likes those melodies that correspond to the state of his soul, mood and views of the world around him. It can be both melodies of modern variety, and serious classical music, which requires special treatment. Music can be for a person not only entertainment, but also a “teacher” and even a “doctor.”

In our life there are very different music, it meets literally at every step. Without music, it is impossible to imagine the existence of radio, television and the Internet, music is filled with concert and theatrical halls, sports competitions, recreational facilities, parks, houses and yards. Music was loved by our ancestors, we love it and we will love the next generation, because music is an important part of our life.

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Composition on the theme “Music in our life”