What is freedom of writing

At all times a person aspired to independence. But what does it mean to be free? This question is asked by many, but everyone has their own answer. Why? Because the concept of freedom is very broad. Conversation can go about the right of cultural choice in the field of education, religion and so on. Under freedom, many imply physical independence, the right to vote and the opportunity to choose their own future life independently. The most important thing is to determine your own understanding of this term and find the right answer for yourself.

But in any case, a person who does not depend on prejudice can be called free. After all, they are usually based on false conclusions. Prejudice limits ability, depriving a person of freedom of choice.

Each of us lives in a society where our laws reign. To be a free person does not mean to deny everything that has been accumulated by previous generations. To treat the heritage of the past should be reasonable, while maintaining respect for the individual and the dignity of everyone.

People should have the right to freedom of thought, word and press. Any opinion existing in a society should have respect. A person who boldly expresses what he thinks can certainly be called free. Even if his thoughts are wrong.

To be free is to be able to make independent decisions. But it should be remembered that for all your actions you need to be responsible yourself. It also concerns teenagers. Today they can choose their place of study and friends, their favorite classes and music, as well as books they would like to read. However, it is not necessary to take any prohibition of adults as a restriction on freedom. First of all, it is important to establish yourself in life as a person. And this should not contradict the opinion of the surrounding people.

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What is freedom of writing