In which house do I want to live

I would really like to live in my own home. If I was offered to design it, I would make it a two-tiered one with wide attic spaces. The rooms inside would be spacious and bright, with large windows.

Everyone must have his own room, and still need a gymnasium, a library, a living room, a study room for the pope and several guest rooms. We have a lot of relatives and friends, and I want everyone to have enough space.

For such a large house you need a few toilets and bathrooms. And still need a wide spacious kitchen. It would be nice if there was a small pool on the ground floor of the house.

Under the house it will be necessary to build a spacious garage for the father’s car and a large cellar for storing vegetables and preserving.

Around the house I would have broken a large orchard, which would have beautifully blossomed in the spring. In the summer we would collect cherries and apples. Before the house must be a huge flower bed with a variety of colors, which my mother will be happy to take care of.

Behind the house I would make a small pond and populate it with fish and snails. Around the pond, large smooth stones can be laid out. It’s great to relax on the grass by the water on warm summer evenings!

I think that our whole family will be happy with this house, because it is very spacious, and everyone will find there enough space for their favorite pursuits.

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In which house do I want to live