What does it mean to be a teacher

“The work of the teacher is not easy, but like the light of a distant star that reaches us, even when the star itself is extinguished, the influence of the teacher does not run out for many years.” Teacher forms a person. “Teacher-educator Inga Prelovskaya says. Her words very accurately characterize the responsible and meaningful role of the teacher in any state and at any time.

Today, when the significance of education acquires a special meaning, when the school began to focus on the changes taking place in society, you increasingly begin to analyze your activities, reflect on your role in this complex process of education and upbringing and your responsibility as a teacher to society. “People are not born, but become what they are” – said K. A Helvetius. In this development a special role is played by the teacher.

Once I chose the profession of a teacher, precisely because my teachers stood before me, who step by step helped me to

know this world and myself. But even then I did not know what a responsible job it was to be a teacher, that I was to teach not only children, but above all myself. Because to teach is to double study. And in addition, NV Gogol once remarked that “in order to educate the other, we must raise, above all, ourselves.”

Work on yourself is an integral part of the profession of a teacher. If the teacher can not educate himself, he can not raise anyone. Working on yourself, improving yourself as a person requires a lot of effort: you have to forget about inertia and inactivity and show maximum activity and creativity.

We all remember our teachers who in one way or another influenced our thoughts and feelings, secretly penetrating into our souls and created in it an invisible miracle that makes us move forward, grow, develop and improve ourselves, and also make our life choice. It’s not for nothing that a talented teacher, helping his students to know the world, creates such conditions in which the process of self-development, self-perfection is most fully realized.

Life in a modern society,

saturated with the media, contributes to the fact that the creativity in each child’s creativity is suppressed and extinguished in many children. “A pupil is not only a vessel to be filled in. It must be a torch that needs to be ignited, and only the one who burns himself can light a torch.” Yes, it’s not an easy task for me, as a teacher, to be not only a mentor and companion, but also a catalyst in the development of the children’s soul, as well as a reliable index at the start of life’s journey and its sensitive controller.

And as the poet Mikhail Svetlov correctly said, “A real teacher is not the one who educates you constantly, but the one who helps to become oneself”

Therefore, in my work as a teacher, one of the main goals of education I put: to find and develop purposefully the children’s talent and creativity and the ability to consciously use them, so that they can become successful in any activity and able to easily socialize in our society.

Another no less important task of upbringing is to teach me how to think properly and to find meaning in everything. After all, because of how we think depends largely on our lives. “The one who today sows an idea will reap tomorrow, the next day – a habit, then – the character and, in the end, the fate”

And also do not forget that “it is necessary to teach children, it is necessary to understand that it is very useful and we ourselves learn from children”

And besides, the changes that occur in our lives have shifted to another speed regime. Children are able to respond to these changes very quickly and meet them by their nature. Therefore, I think it is important and just necessary to learn this from children as quickly as possible to react to these changes and to change oneself, then the teacher will always be able to meet all the new requirements that society presents to him.

I’am a teacher! How do you always want to pronounce these words with pride and without any constraint! I believe prestige and respect for this most noble and necessary profession will return, you just need to start with yourself and take upon yourself the responsibility to be a teacher, that is, to be the most exemplary student.

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What does it mean to be a teacher