Biography of Oscar Hoya

Oscar De La Hoya – boxer, was born on February 4, 1973 in the city of Montebello, California. He is known as the star of boxing in the middleweight of the 1990s.

Oscar De La Hoya is an American-Mexican boxing champion. Excellent appearance, charisma made the athlete a popular figure in modern sports. For several years, the athlete successfully engaged in amateur boxing, spending this time in Los Angeles.

In 1989, he won the national award “Golden Gloves”. In 1992, the boxer won a gold medal for the United States at the Olympics in Barcelona, ​​Spain. Throughout his career, the “golden boy” won the title of champion in six different weight classes. He headed the list of boxers in terms of the amount of money earned in the ring, in part due to the constant broadcast of duels on HBO cable television.

Focusing only on fights with big fees, simultaneously with participation in battles De La Hoya founded the firm “Golden Boy Promotions”. Being one of the most popular sportsmen of our time, Oscar’s business interests included a boxing show on the HBO channel – “Boxeo de Oro”. Broadcast transmission was in Spanish.

Additional information: According to Forbes, part of De La Hoya in boxing series reality “The Next Great Champ” is estimated at $ 2 million. In addition, Oscar De La Hoya was fond of singing. He recorded a disc with Latin music “Oscar De La Hoya” in 2000. One of the songs of this album was nominated for a Grammy. In 2001, Oscar married the Puerto Rican singer Milli Kortreye.

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Biography of Oscar Hoya