Buddhist Parable “The Blind and the Elephant”

A few students turned to the Buddha: “Master, here lives a lot of wandering hermits, who are constantly arguing with each other Some say that the soul is immortal, others – that it dies with the body Who is right..?”

The Buddha answered: “Once upon a time the prince lived, he called a servant and ordered to gather all the blind in one place and show them an elephant.” The servant obeyed the Prince’s order: “Here is the elephant,” the servant said to the blind and led everyone to the animal.

The first blind man, having felt the elephant’s tail, said: “The elephant is like a snake, it is long and thin, all the time stirring, arching.”

The second blind man grabbed an elephant by the leg. “You’re wrong,” he replied, “The elephant is like a tree, round and wrinkled, I hardly managed to grab it.”

“Wait,” said the third man, who was holding the elephant trunk, “the elephant is the same as the hose that we are watering the garden with.”

“You, too, are wrong,” the fourth objected, holding the elephant by the ear. “An elephant is like a hard sheet of burdock.”

Without agreeing, they all quarreled and finally began to fight. That’s who these hermits resemble, who argue about the soul. They have different beliefs, but they are uneducated and can not see the truth. In their ignorance, they are prone to quarrels, abuse and even fights – each with his own conviction. “

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Buddhist Parable “The Blind and the Elephant”