Composition “Youth is the future of the country”

In all ages the future of the country was for the youth. It was young people who were the engines of revolutions, progress and development. And it was on them that the state could rely on during the war, in the post-war period, in times of crisis. After all, these young, healthy people raised virgin land, erected powerful buildings, lit up with insane dreams and embodied them in life.

All that the state will invest in youth, will be rewarded to him with interest. Educated young people are the pillars on which the country will always hold. If from the school bench it will be possible to instill in youth a sense of patriotism and love for one’s homeland, they will in turn invest the soul in its development and well-being.

Today, as, indeed, always, it is customary to scold young people. They are credited with callousness, intimacy, inertia. All this, probably, is. All people are different, everyone has his own character, dreams and aspirations. But it seems to me that

such people simply do not have enough motivation. They do not fully understand who they want to become, what they will do and what they can do for their homeland.

There are, however, many who take an active position from the school, are in self-government, and later in the youth parliament. They understand that the future depends on them, and it is necessary to make every effort to make it bright.

Many of us make a feasible contribution to the common cause. Someone visits stations of young naturalists, helping birds and animals, someone takes part in actions and flash mobs dedicated to the protection of the environment. There are circles of young scientists, where guys invent useful, and sometimes just necessary things for life. I know for certain that now they are working on the creation of alternative fuels.

Of course, modern youth is not perfect, but we are trying to make the world a better place. Even when everything is not working out for us, we do not give up and do not give up.

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Composition “Youth is the future of the country”