What decorates a person?

In our class is brand new. His name is Nikita. Until he found a friend in his class. He looks at us, and we – to him. One day, Nikita brought wicker twigs to class and put them in a jar of water. It was evident that they were standing at his house: on the twigs here and there already appeared green leaves. “Oh, how beautiful!” The girls rejoiced, “it’s like spring has come.” “Did the teacher ask you this?” – asked one of the guys. “No,” answered Nikita, “I decided to decorate the class myself, there is snow on the street, and we have spring.”

After the lessons I decided to go home with Nikita. “But you’ll have to wait for me a little bit,” he said, “I need to go get my sister, she’s in third grade.” We found third-graders in the locker room. Seeing Nikita, the little one rushed to him: “Nikita, will we play hockey today?” I realized that here they love

him, and Nikita takes care of her sister’s classmates. On the way home, Tanya kept telling cool news without stopping. It was felt that the brother and sister are friends.

Holidays were approaching. Each class had to take part in a festive concert. We decided that our class will represent Vika Solovyov. She studies at a music school, not only plays the piano, but also sings. However, the girl said that teachers still forbid her to speak in public. What to do? And then Nikita suddenly responded: “Write me down.” Someone joked: “Fables, probably will read.” But Nikita did not take offense at all, replied: “If necessary, I can and this, but I can sing songs with a guitar.” Everyone was quiet. I said, “You never talked about it.” “There was simply no reason,” my friend replied.

And then came the day of the concert. When Nikita’s speech was announced, we became agitated. But when the guitar sounded, and Nikita sang, we realized that he was really talented. And I remembered the willow twigs brought by Nikita to the class, and the delight of the

third-graders running to him, and now this performance, when the hall, as if spellbound, was listening to the third song performed by Nikita.

I realized that I’m friends with an excellent boy. At home, I told my parents about Nikita. Mom said: “Now you understand what adorns a person? Everyone should do good, without announcing this to the whole world, is told to be able to listen, to help in some way, without exposing himself to the show, and in general to be a good friend.”

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What decorates a person?