Composition of the hero of the fatherland

There is an identical date in Russia, which is celebrated on December 9. On this day, the memory of the heroes of the fatherland, heroes who never feared nothing, bravely defended their homeland and were always the bravest inhabitants of the country.

The history of this holiday goes back to the 18th century. Catherine II ordered to honor the heroes of the Order of St. George the Victorious. The modern government decided on this day to remember not only the heroes of the dead, but also the living and the living.

I like that we have such a holiday. He sets the patriotic spirit. Unites and makes our state stronger and friendlier. The memory of past victories and suffering gives strength to prevent bloodshed, solve all issues peacefully. If the current generation will know about the heroes of the past and present, there may be less wars.

On this memorable day it is necessary to visit museums, watch films about great battles, thank the living heroes for their exploits. On this day a wave of concerts and speeches will roll across the country. On this day, memorable lines written with all my heart will be read. Just do not do this day without laying flowers and wreaths on monuments, soldiers, which is a very correct ideology.

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Composition of the hero of the fatherland