Composition “All works are good – choose to taste”

Adults often ask us who we want to be when we grow up. But it’s so difficult – to choose the only profession in which you can become a true master. This requires not only knowledge, but also the opportunity to try their hand at various fields, otherwise one can never know what inclinations, abilities and talents you have.

I love flowers. At home, all the windowsills are closely packed with pots and pots with different plants. I like to look after them, and I try to make it so that the flowers are good in summer and winter. Perhaps, when I grow up, I will become a florist and grow new varieties of roses, tulips, asters, dahlias.

And I would like to become a doctor. This is a necessary and noble profession for people, because it helps to overcome illnesses, and sometimes even to conquer death.

I really love to read, and in my childhood I thought that it would be nice to become a writer in the future. However, all my attempts to write poetry, stories and fairy tales on their own ended in failure. Probably, I do not have a literary talent, and without it you can not become a writer.

That’s how difficult it is to choose a profession! The bad news is that I do not yet know what exactly people doing this or that job do. I would really like to find a job in which I could reach the peaks or make discoveries, but this requires so much to learn and so long to learn!

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Composition “All works are good – choose to taste”