Summary of “Life Tresor” Astafyev

Trezor, a “motley dog ​​with large paws and a sleepy snout,” lies all day on the porch, dreaming to break into the house and stretch out under the table. He eats a dog from one bowl with cats, who obediently sit and wait until the formidable gentleman is satisfied. For greed, the hostess calls Trezor a “tiger”.

In the afternoon Tresor escorts the hostess to the store, where she earns extra money, and receives from her some delicacy. Having missed the hotel, the dog goes to pick up his brother Mukhtar.

If Trezor is an arrogant parasite, cunning and lout, his brother, on the contrary, was hardworking, especially on the hunt, strict, angry, and therefore sat on a chain.

Trezor comes and teases Mukhtar so that he sometimes breaks off the chain, and then the brothers are locked in a “white-motley ball”, not to pull apart.

These fights happen most often in the winter, when Trezor has nothing to do. In summer, the countrymen

come to the village, and the dog goes around all the houses, each receiving a treat. For refreshments, he guards the houses of summer residents, and the time of “work” Trezor directly depends on the amount of food. In the autumn, after spending summer residents, the dog waits, when in the yards begin to hog the pigs. Then Trezor also gets a tasty bone, which strive to select cunning ravens.

One winter, dog brothers fight especially violently. Trezor snacks Mukhtar some kind of nerve on his head. Mukhtar stinks, goes out, his tail and ears hang around him, his hair falls out. Soon Mukhtar was replaced by a hound puppy, and the dog disappeared: his master shot him, Toli Mukhtar himself died. Trezor, too, at once grows old and once leaves the village, begins to “live on a livestock farm, sleep on straw, it is not known what to eat.” The mistress tries to lead Trezor home, but the dog does not go.

Maybe behind that village, behind that farm Mukhtar is buried? Maybe something has turned in Trezor’s mind? Go now find out!

Without a dog, it’s sad, the village loses a living soul, becomes an orphan.

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Summary of “Life Tresor” Astafyev