Composition on the theme of good oke

Composition on the theme of good oke

What is good and what is it manifested? Thinking about the very word good, you can understand that it causes people only positive emotions. It seems a piece of this word can be discerned in every act or not? Doubts are!

The fact is that each of the people sees good in different ways and treats with the greatest benefit for themselves. Unfortunately, this is the vital position of our entire society, not entirely of course, but still. The antonym of the word good is evil. Evil can also be accepted as a stage of “good”, again, if for somebody this so-called “good” will be beneficial.

I would like to consider an example. The head doctor fired his deputy, for failure to perform his official duties. Of course, the head physician did not see anything, he was

prompted by the head of the department (lied). A month later she gets a promotion at work, taking up the post of recently dismissed deputy. Everything seems to be good, the dismissed deputy worked well, even with the salary higher, and in the previous place of work, the reduction began, checks, the former head of mutual understanding did not achieve anything with the head doctor, and eventually she had to quit.

The case is very interesting and how to look at the actions of the manager? She did good? Or evil? Or maybe this is the law of the boomerang or works saying “do not dig another pit.”? Although the races can be interpreted as a victory of good over the forces of evil? And how many such examples in life? And what is this “good” itself, someone behind it stands and does it, or who manages good deeds? Of course, to exclude the option of your own subconscious is also not worth it, as well as other factors.

The subject for reasoning is infinite, and there are lots of options for answers, and there is no exact definition of what is good, the composition of good is also missing, and we, ordinary people, workers, passers-by, etc., do not find the answers to your questions, you begin to delve into the search process answers, as they say you are looking for the truth. Carried away, you find new ideas, some other inexplicable things, cases, and in fact there is no answer to them either.

There is only an old concept that good is good deeds, something positive. I wonder who said this and why do we take this word? Just imposed standards or concealed their mistakes, someone tried to justify themselves? There is no answer, just like an exact definition. The reasoning is endless and there are many disputes on this topic among scientists, skeptics and just people.

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Composition on the theme of good oke