Biography of Wayne Rooney

Rooney Wayne – football player, was born on October 24 in Liverpool, England. Best known as the young star of Manchester United since 2004.

The first goal in the English Premier League in the biography of Rooney Wayne was made on October 19, 2002. As early as the following year, the athlete became the youngest player chosen to the national team of England. In February 2003, he made his debut in this role against Australia.

Suddenly, Wayne began to be called the future of English football, as several years before it spoke about Michael Owen. Rooney plays the attacker. He is known for his instincts in the game, accurate passes, and speed. At first he played for Everton from 2003 to 2004, then moved to the stronger team of Manchester United in 2004.

On the eve of the 2006 World Cup, the personality of Rooney was intensely discussed by the fans, because the athlete was selected to the national team despite the fracture of the foot bone several weeks before the games began. Wayne did participate in the championship, but received a red card during the games of England with Portugal in the quarterfinals.

Additional data: sometimes in Rooney Wayne’s biography of the athlete is called “Ronaldo”, to match it with the Brazilian football star.

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Biography of Wayne Rooney