Biography of Thomas Herrion

Thomas Herrion is a football player, was born on December 15, 1981 in Fort Worth, Texas. The biography of Thomas Herrion is notorious for the fact that the athlete died after the preseason game of 2005.

Professional football player was an attacker in the team, “San Francisco Fortinners.” And in August 2005, on a flash game suddenly fell and died. Herrion grew up in Fort Worth, Texas. There he was engaged in football at the Fort Worth Polytechnic High School team. Then the sportsman played for the younger college of Kilgor, and after that he moved to Utah.

In professional football, Thomas practiced in the team, “Dallas Cowboys” and “Fortinayners”, did not play for long in Europe. In 2005, he left “Dallas”, moving to “San Francisco”.

On August 20, 2005, after the pre-season game against the Denver Broncos, Thomas fell in the locker room, unable to regain consciousness. He was taken to the hospital, where an hour after the attack was documented the death of the athlete. With Thomas’s normal health, his death was a surprise, as well as a mystery. Autopsy did not reveal the cause of death. Toxicological tests were also in order. In such a tragic way, the life of Thomas Herrion was cut short.

Additional data: the height of the athlete was 191 cm.

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Biography of Thomas Herrion