Biography of Jim Thorpe

Jim Thorpe is an athlete, born on May 28, 1888. Biography of Jim Thorpe is best known as the history of a brilliant athlete, football player, baseball player.

Jim Thorpe surprised the world of sports when he won gold medals in pentathlon, decathlon at the Olympics in 1912 in Stockholm. Later that year, speaking out against legendary rivals, Thorpe committed 25 touchdowns for a boarding school for Indian children in Carlisle.

In addition, Thorpe spent 6 years playing in the position of an outfielder, in teams “New York Giants”, “Cincinnati Reds”, “Boston Braves”. In 1916, the Thorpe football team Canton Buldogs won the first of three unofficial national ranks of the champion. Then Thorp was the first president of the now existing National Football League.

Soon Thorp became a popular hero, his life story was told in the 1951 film “Jim Thorpe, All-American,” starring Burt Lancaster. Despite the fact that the athlete has never been rich, the biography of Jim Thorpe is known as one of the greatest athletes of the 20th century.

Additional information: The Olympic medals of the sportsman were taken back by the Olympic Committee in 1913. Then revealed the fact that Thorpe played baseball for money. This decision was very controversial, so in 1983 the medals were awarded to Thorpe again.

In 1954, a town in Pennsylvania called Mach Chunk was renamed Jim Thorpe, and the body of the athlete rests there in the mausoleum.

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Biography of Jim Thorpe