Biography of Rebecca Lobo

Rebecca Lobo – basketball player, was born on October 6, 1973 in the town of Souswick, Massachusetts. Most known as the star of the basketball team at the University of Connecticut in 1995.

Rebecca Lobo showed herself as an excellent forward, a center player, bringing a large number of points to the team. In the mid-1990s, the athlete was a star player in the University of Connecticut. In 1995, she led the team to victory at the National Student Sports Association Championship, playing with a score of 35-0.

Since 1997, Rebecca began to engage in professional basketball. Before 2001, she was part of the New York Liberty team of the Women’s National Basketball Association. In 2002, the athlete played for “Houston Comets”, and in 2003 for “Connecticut Sans”. In the biography of Rebecca Lobo in 1999, there was another outstanding event. She was chosen in the first ever WNBA “all-stars” team. In September 2003, Rebecca retired from the sport after seven years of playing for the WNBA.

Additional data: Rebecca’s growth according to the WNBA-blog is 193 cm. In 1996 she was part of the Olympic basketball team. On April 12, 2003, Rebecca married a Sports Illustrated correspondent, Steve Rashin. And on December 25, 2004 they had a daughter Siobhan Rose Rashin.

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Biography of Rebecca Lobo