Biography of Anthony Carmelo

Biography of Anthony Carmelo

Anthony Carmelo – basketball player, was born in the city of New York on May 29, 1984. Best known as the forward of the NBA team “Denver Nuggets” since 2003.

Carmelo is an advanced player in scoring balls, a star that drew attention to the Denver Nuggets club. In the biography of Anthony Carmelo only by the hard work, persistence of the player was established reputation and name. Then back in college, an outstanding basketball player at Syracuse University led the team to the National Student Sports Association in 2003.

After only one season Anthony moved to professional sports, becoming a player for Denver. For the first years of games here, Carmelo has replaced the past names of the weak defender to a strong invader, gaining a lot of points. However, Carmelo

gave up the title of the newcomer to James LiBron. But already in 2004 in Athens he won a bronze medal as a member of the US Olympic team. The same team included James, Allen Iverson, Dvyan Wade.

To attract attention, Anthony led a fight in a nightclub, created an unofficial video linking him to the drug dealers and his own failure. With such episodes behind him, “Melo” entered the 2006 season. His confident reputation as a player leading on points, one of the most attractive NBA stars, has survived. In December 2006, the basketball player again showed his scandalous nature in a quarrel between the teams “Nuggets” and “New York Knicks”. As one of the seven players demanding strict discipline, Anthony Carmelo received a serious penalty – skipping 15 games. In the biography of Anthony Carmelo such a strict punishment was received for punching in the face of the player of the team Knix Merdie Collins.

Additional data: the height of the athlete is 198 cm, Anthony wears the uniform number 15. In the game of the National Student Sports Association, the basketball player scored 20 points, capturing 10 attacks, assisted by seven. Carmelo partially owns the group in IndiKar races.

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Biography of Anthony Carmelo