Biography of Andrei Arshavin

Biography of Andrei Arshavin

Andrei Sergeevich Arshavin – footballer, master of sports. He was born on May 29, 1981 in Leningrad.

Football enthusiasm in the biography of Arshavin showed up at the age of seven. It was then that he began to play football in a sports school under the coaching of Gordeev, Vinogradov. Andrey entered the Institute of Technology and Design for the chemical and technological department. In 1999, Andrei Arshavin was admitted to the reserve “Zenith”. Because of the passes at the institute, he moved to the department of technology, clothing design.

At the age of nineteen began to play in the first team. Since then, football player Arshavin, while in the “Zenith” team, has scored 71 goals.

In 2002, Andrei Arshavin’s biography made his debut in the Russian national team, the following year he played for the youth team. At the end of the Euro-2004 began to participate in all the games of “Zenith”.

In 2007, football player Andrei Arshavin became captain of “Zenith”. And a little later – the Russian team. For Euro 2008, despite not a very good start, in the match with Holland was named the best player. In general, throughout his career, many times he received the title of the best football player.

With his future wife Arshavin met in 2003. Now in the family of Andrei Arshavin two children are being raised: a son, a daughter.

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Biography of Andrei Arshavin