Biography of James LeBron

James LeBron – basketball player, was born on December 30, 1984 in the city of Akron, Agayo. Most famous as a young star “Cleveland Cavaliers”.

James LeBron is known as the star-studded defender of the Cleveland Kvaliers of the National Basketball Association. James was a phenomenon of higher education. He made a quick leap – from participating in a high school team to playing for the NBA. At the same time, the sportsman signed a deal for 90 million with Phil Knight of the company “Nike”.

Many doubted whether LeBron would still be able to continue playing basketball in his turbulent public life. But he could. During the 2003-2004 season, the athlete scored 20.9 points, promoted 5.7, made 5.5 rebounds per game. Then he was named the rookie of the year for what greatly improved the game “Cavaliers”. LeBron became popular, joining Carmelo Anthony, Dwayne Wade – one of the most eye-catching NBA players. In 2006, the “Cavaliers” for the first time since 1998 went into the playoffs. Then LeBron signed a contract with the “Cavaliers” until the 2009-10 season for a total of $ 60 million.

In 2004, another important event occurred in the biography of James LeBron. The basketball player participated in the Olympics in Athens, being in the US national team. And in 2006, the athlete was in the US team at the World Championships.

Additional information: James wears uniform No. 23, this number became famous thanks to Michael Jordan. For the 2004 Olympics, he chose number 9 – his Jordan wore at the games of 1984, 1992.

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Biography of James LeBron