Biography of Freddie Adu

Freddie Adu – footballer, was born on June 2, 1989 in the city of Theme, Ghana. The most famous is the Gano-American phenomenon and the footballer-teenager.

Swift, highly gifted Freddy Adu became a first-class football player in the early 2000s. The first international match Freddie Adu played in March 2003 in the national team of the United States.

Born in Ghana, Freddie moved to the US with his mother and brother at the age of 8. The young athlete received American citizenship in 2003. Outstanding game Adu allowed to compare the athlete with other famous football players – Pele, Ronaldo.

In November 2003, Freddy Adu signed a six-year contract with the US Supreme Football League. And in the 2004 season he began to play for the team. After three seasons, during which Freddie publicly expressed his dissatisfaction with the role assigned to him in the team, the athlete began to play for Real Salt Lake in December 2006. The following year, the MLS agreed to cancel the contract with him. So in July 2007, Adu began to play for the Benfica team, which is in Lisbon, Portugal.

Additional information: Some critics are wondering what the age of Freddie really is. However, the US officially recognized his birth certificate issued in Ghana. According to him, his birthday in the biography of Freddie Adu is June 2, 1989.

After joining the MLS in 2003, Adu signed a contract for 1 million with the firm Nike – a manufacturer of sports shoes. Legendary football player Eusebio also signed a contract with the “Benefis” team at the age of 18.

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Biography of Freddie Adu