Biography of Dante Alighieri

Dante Alighieri is an Italian poet, public figure.

The first love in the biography of Dante Alighieri was Beatrice Portinari. But she died in 1290. After that, Alighieri married Gemma Donati. One of the first stories of Dante Alighieri was “New Life”. In 1300-1301, Alighieri wore the title of Prior of Florence, and the following year he was exiled. At the same time, his wife stayed in the old place, he did not call Gemma to accompany him. For the rest of his life Alighieri never came to Florence again.

The next work in the biography of Alighieri was the “Feast”, written in exile. He was followed by a treatise on “People’s eloquence.” Forced to leave Florence, Alighieri traveled through Italy and France. At the same time he was an active public figure – he lectured, took part in debates. The most famous work in the biography of Dante Alighieri was the “Divine Comedy”, which the writer created from 1306 until the end of his life. The work consists of three parts – Hell, Purgatory, Paradise. Among other works Alighieri: “Eclogues”, “Epistles”, the poem “Flower”, the treatise “Monarchy”.

In 1316 he began to live in Ravenna. Dante Alighieri died in September 1321, becoming ill with malaria.

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Biography of Dante Alighieri