Biography of Magellan

Biography of Magellan

Fernand Magellan is a Portuguese and Spanish navigator who made the first round-the-world trip. The traveler proved the sphericity of the Earth, discovered the strait, which later was named after him.

Early years. The first expeditions

Fernand Magellan was born on November 20, 1480 in the Portuguese city of Sabrosa in a noble family. His first known marine expedition was sailing to India in 1505 on the squadron of the Portuguese viceroy Francisco de Almeida. In 1506, Magellan went to Mozambique, and then again to India.

Participation in wars. Emigration to Spain

In 1508-1513 the already interesting biography of Fernand Magellan was replenished with such events as participation in various expeditions, battles with the Moors, Indians and Arabs. In 1511, the

navigator was among those who took Mallack, in 1514 – participated in the capture of Morocco.

On his return to Portugal, Fernand Magellan firmly decided to reach the Moluccas. The navigator asked the Portuguese King Manuel I for help, but the monarch did not approve of this expedition.

Soon Magellan emigrated to Spain. In 1517, the Spanish King Charles I granted permission to organize a trip to the islands of Molucco. The navigator’s flotilla consisted of five ships: Trinidad, San Antonio, Concepcion, Victoria, Santiago.

Trip around the world

September 20, 1519, five ships Magellan set out on their journey. The team circled the eastern coast of South America. In March 1520, part of the sailors expressed a desire to return to Spain, but Magellan managed to calm the ripening rebellion. In May 1520, the ship Santiago was lost, so the expedition continued on four ships. In September, Fernando Magellan, along with the flotilla, passed the strait, later named Magellan. Right after that, the ship “San Antonio” returned to Spain.

The Magellan flotilla came to the Pacific Ocean and passed it for more than three months. Arriving at the islands, the seafarer decided to subordinate the population to the Spanish king. In a skirmish with the natives, on April 27, 1521, Magellan was killed.


his brief biography Magellan showed himself to be a brave warrior and was awarded the rank of sea captain.

End of expedition

Without Magellan, the remaining ships of the flotilla reached the Moluccas Islands, where they bought spices. From the islands came two ships – Trinidad and Victoria. The first went to the east, but was forced to return to the islands of Molucco, where he was captured by the Portuguese by order of the king, who called the navigator Magellan a deserter. And only the vessel “Victoria” returned to its homeland, circumambulating Africa.

Interesting Facts
    In his youth, Magellan was a page with Queen Leonora of Avis. The main reason for moving Magellan to Spain was a quarrel with the Portuguese king, who did not pay the seafarer for his devoted service. Magellan called the ocean Quiet, because for all the time of navigation ships have never got into a storm. In memory of the discoveries of Magellan on the island of Mactan is placed his monument. Many writers created works based on data on the legendary expedition, including books for children.

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Biography of Magellan