Biography of Ivan Nikitin

Ivan Savich Nikitin is a poet.

Ivan Nikitin was born on September 21, 1824 in Voronezh. In 1839, in the biography of Nikitin, the entrance to the theological seminary of Voronezh took place. But because of the difficult situation, Ivan left school, and in 1843 was forced to leave the seminary. Even during his studies he became interested in literature, began to write poetry.

In 1853 in the biography of Ivan Nikitin several poems were sent to the “Voronezh Provincial Gazette”, so the poet became famous in Voronezh. Nikitin became a member of the circle of intellectuals, which included Vtorov, Aleksandrov-Dolnik, De-Poole. Despite the difficult family situation in those years in the biography of Nikitin, he continued to write, was engaged in self-education.

When the Vtorovsky circle disintegrated, Nikitin again felt the burden of life’s problems, which he had not previously paid attention to. The creative crisis was interrupted by the work on the poem “Fist”, which critics met with approval. Ivan Savich Nikitin for the whole biography published two collections of poems. The first collection was published in 1856, the second – in 1859. Also Nikitin successfully began to write prose – “The Diary of a Seminary” was first published in 1861.

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Biography of Ivan Nikitin