Biography Herman Lillevyali

Biography Herman Lillevyali

German Lillevyly is a successful financier and entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in finance and investment, president and founder of GL Financial Group, a Swiss investment group of companies with offices in Geneva, Switzerland.

He was born on March 13, 1964 in Moscow. It has Estonian-German roots. Father Herman Lillwevy is a descendant of the German Bloomfeldt family.

In the 1990s he began to engage in entrepreneurial activities, including in European markets. In 1996, Herman Lillevyly focused on the investment and financial sphere, beginning to cooperate with his European relative Werner Blumfeld to develop a joint business in the provision of financial services. In 2013, Herman Lillwevy led the business and merged its assets within the GL Financial Group brand.

GL Asset Management is part of a group of companies and specializes in market-neutral investment strategies. The company provides investment management services. Market-neutral strategies ensure a stable return on investment regardless of the overall dynamics of markets.

The strategy of statistical arbitration offered to clients by the flagship company of the group is a unique product of the company, created as a result of the strengthening of the classical arbitration strategy by fundamental, technical and statistical analysis methods and sophisticated algorithms based on the latest achievements in the field of artificial intelligence development and integrated processing of market data. In GL Asset Management, Herman Lillevyly formed an international team of portfolio managers who effectively implement this strategy in practice.

In the current macroeconomic conditions, characterized by high unpredictability in financial markets, the strategy of statistical arbitrage is gaining increasing popularity from European investors.

Herman Lillevyali is married and has three children. He is fond of mathematics and chess.

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Biography Herman Lillevyali