“I deserve to die, gentlemen of the jury”

Julien’s shot at Madame de Renal put an end to Julien Sorel’s agonizing attempts to reach a compromise between “red” and “black”. The price of insight is life. He committed a double crime – a shot sounded in the church – an unheard-of sacrilege. Thus, Julien Sorel deliberately sentenced himself to death.

Everything returns to its own place: Julien made the “first step” towards the ghostly happiness in the church of the city of Verrieres, and the “last step” to the spiritual revival is done there. Step into the future and step into nothingness. Between them the whole life of the hero, filled with the inner struggle of contradictory feelings, struggle with oneself: ruthless, cruel, but honest.

On the threshold of death, on the eve of Truth, Julien finally realized that in this life he could not reach a compromise, and he felt better: “Julien felt strong and determined, like a man who clearly sees

what is happening in his soul.” The shroud fell from his eyes, and he saw the main thing, which is real life: “Alas, Ms de Renal is not with me… That’s why my loneliness, and not because there is no God in the world of a just, kind, omnipotent, alien anger and vengefulness… Oh, if he only existed, I would fall at his feet. “I deserved to die,” I would say to him, “but, great God, good merciful God, give me the one I I love! “

Having shot Madame de Renal, does Julien Sorel regret what he did? No! And again – no! And confirmation of this is his speech at the trial: “So I deserved to die, gentlemen of the jury. But if I’m less guilty, I see here people who, without thinking that my youth deserves some compassion, will want to punish and once and for all forever break in my face this breed of young people of low birth, crushed by poverty, who was fortunate enough to get a good education, so they dared to zhetsatsya on Wednesday, which arrogance of the rich calls a good society. “

Three days later the sentence was carried out: “Everything happened very simply, decently and on his part without the slightest bombast.” Did God hear the first and last sincere and passionate prayer of Julien, who knows? “But three days after the execution of Julien,” Madame de Renal “died, embracing her children.” Where they are destined to meet: in hell or in paradise. Who knows?

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“I deserve to die, gentlemen of the jury”