Biography of Alexei Khotin

Biography of Alexei Khotin

Khotin Aleksey Yurievich is a well-known Russian businessman, investor in the field of industry, real estate, as well as hydrocarbon production.

Childhood and Education

He was born in Minsk on May 21, 1974. In 1991 he graduated from the Minsk Suvorov Military School. In 1997 – the Russian Academy of Economics. GV Plekhanov.


Since 1996, Alexey Khotin has been engaged in production activities in various fields: component parts and mechanisms for the military-industrial complex, chemical raw materials, consumer goods and food processing. In total, more than 30 industrial enterprises with the number of more than 8,000 people were organized.

2001-2003 – Vice-President of the Moscow Association of Chemical Complex Organizations


Khotin is one of the largest investors in the Russian real estate market. An important fact of Khotin’s biography is the Forbes magazine’s assessment of his fortune of $ 325 million.

In November 2011, Alexey Khotin concluded a deal to acquire shares of Exillon Energy, which owns assets in the field of oil and gas production. At the moment Alexey Khotin is the largest shareholder of the British oil company Exillon Energy, which is traded on the London Stock Exchange. The mining assets of Exillon Energy are located in Western Siberia and Timan-Pechora. Proved reserves of the company’s fields amounted to about 27 million tons. Exillon Energy’s net profit in the first half of 2016 increased by 69% year-on-year to $ 22.3 million, compared to the same period last year.

Through the Swiss Radamant Financial AG, Alexey owns 52.53% stake in Yugra Bank. PJSC Bank Yugra is a universal credit institution of federal scale and one of the oldest Russian banks, founded in 1990. The bank provides its clients with a full range of banking services. Since the arrival of new shareholders in 2013, the bank’s assets have grown 38 times. Thus, in terms of assets, the bank moved 261-th place to the 29th place.

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Biography of Alexei Khotin