Biography of Archimedes

Biography of Archimedes

Archimedes is an ancient Greek physicist, mathematician, and mechanic.

The biography of Archimedes has not been reliably studied, because the exact facts have not been preserved. Archimedes’ life can be judged by his works, as well as by the description of other ancient Greek figures.

Archimedes was born on the island of Sicily in the family of a mathematician, so that from childhood he was taught to love the exact sciences. To continue his studies, Archimedes went to the scientific center – Alexandria, where he not only read manuscripts, but also communicated, studied with the great scientists of the time.

After the return to Syracuse, fruitful work began. So, for example, Archimedes justified the law of hydrostatics. Engineering abilities were manifested in Archimedes during the Roman siege, when he developed propelling machines. However, the Romans still managed to take Syracuse, while Archimedes was killed.

Most of all Archimedes’ talent was expressed in mathematics. So for the whole biography Archimedes carried out a lot of research in the field of algebra, geometry, arithmetic. He proposed a more universal method for calculating the areas of different figures. His ideas were later used as the basis for the theory of integral calculus. Archimedes also showed himself well in mechanics, in astronomy.

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Biography of Archimedes