“Astana city of the future” composition

The shore of the native river… Ishim. On its shores there is an amazing city – Astana. The river slowly carries its waters somewhere into the distance.

The sun with an orange eye slides across the watery surface of the watery surface. On the bridge you can see a winged leopard.

His powerful figure clearly emerges against the background of the crimson sunset. It’s getting dark. Thoughtfully delirious along the shore. One after another, thoughts are born about Astana. Here it is, a beauty, all on the palm of your hand…

Astana is my capital. Astana is a favorite city. He is old and at the same time young.

Young, because recently I unfolded my wings as the capital of my Motherland. And now he is celebrating his tenth anniversary.

With pride I say: “Astana is a city of peace!” Undoubtedly, this whole proud world knows the proud and sonorous name. Ten great years are on the back of my city. Over the years he has transformed

beyond recognition. Of course, I do not know what it was like twenty years ago (I was not yet there), but today it is an amazingly beautiful capital, combining the eastern and western architectural motifs. And every year it becomes more beautiful and majestic. Astana is my little homeland.

I like to walk along its wide avenues, watching the caravan, admiring the festive illumination. I especially like the Central Square in the summer warm evening…

From the fountain bowls, the water falls down with noise, spreading out with thousands of glittering drops, foaming with fireworks. A multicolored locomotive rolls happy kids around the square. Bright flowers on the flower beds shake their heads in time with the breeze of the wind. Wonderful! But this is an old city, though dressed in a new architectural outfit.

And there is a new city. This is the Left Bank, which provokes infinite admiration. Here are the wonders of Astana: Baiterek and “Pyramid” – amazing buildings, sparkling with colorful lights in the night. Astana is the visiting card of the Republic.

It became a symbol

of the desire for progress, the personification of an independent, independent way of development of Kazakhstan. I bow before a brave man who erected a capital among the feather grass steppe, thereby giving us life in a wonderful, amazing city. I am happy that I live here… I return to the quay with my thoughts, and the lines of the born quatrain already sound in my heart: Astana is my capital!

Astana is my native city! I will be proud of you, Infinitely you are dear to me.

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“Astana city of the future” composition